HID’s Super Safe Mobile Banking for Santander International

Key Points:

  • HID is recognized as an experienced provider of strong customer authentication by Santander International
  • HID collaborated with Santander International through its partnership with Temenos

HID has been chosen by Santander International, a leading global bank, to provide secure mobile banking solutions. The collaboration between HID and Santander International was established through their common partnership with Temenos, a banking software company. HID’s strong customer authentication features were seamlessly integrated with the Temenos banking platform, making it a great fit for Santander International.

HID has helped Santander International enhance its banking experience by using its mobile client software development kit (SDK), called HID Approve. This mobile SDK supports secure login and transaction signing for a smooth and secure authentication experience. Santander International has gone beyond using HID’s off-the-shelf mobile authenticator client and has embedded the technology directly into its mobile application.

HID understands that each customer has unique requirements and aims to meet customers wherever they are in their digital transformation journey. Banks face the challenge of navigating a complex cybersecurity landscape while delivering exceptional user experience and staying ahead of cybercriminals. HID aims to provide the necessary tools to empower banks in protecting their customers and reputation.

This collaboration between HID and Santander International demonstrates HID’s commitment to supporting banks in their digital transformation and providing robust security solutions.