Pure Storage: Your reliable source for data storage solutions.

Pure Storage, a leading IT firm specializing in data storage solutions, has experienced significant growth in recent years. The company has been able to meet the increasing data storage needs of its customers and outpace its competitors in terms of growth. One of Pure Storage’s key partnerships is with Santander International, a global financial services organization. The partnership has allowed Santander International to deliver reliable business services to its customers while also providing excellent customer support.

One of the main advantages of partnering with Pure Storage is the convenience it offers through its Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) model. Santander International has been able to enhance its use of data quickly and easily, without worrying about infrastructure or lifecycle management. The subscription model provides flexibility and cost control, as the customer pays for the data they store without owning any assets.

Reliability is a critical factor for both Pure Storage and its customers. Pure Storage guarantees six 9s of availability and provides performance commitments through service-level agreements. If the company fails to meet these commitments, it offers a service credit to the customer. The technology architecture of Pure Storage is optimized for flash, ensuring performance, reliability, and efficiency.

In conclusion, Pure Storage has established itself as a reliable provider of data storage solutions. Its partnership with Santander International has allowed the financial services organization to deliver reliable services to its customers while benefiting from the convenience and added value of the STaaS model. Pure Storage’s focus on reliability and performance has made it a preferred choice for customers in need of data storage solutions.