EBANX and Bancolombia: Digital Payments Made Easy in Colombia

Global fintech company EBANX has announced a partnership with Bancolombia bank to integrate the bank’s Botón Bancolombia payment method into EBANX’s array of payment options for Latin America. The collaboration is aimed at improving the digital banking experience in Colombia by providing convenient access to the global digital commerce market, boosting conversion rates, and increasing payment processing efficiency.

  • Botón Bancolombia will now be accessible to over 19 million customers, including more than 10 million active digital users.
  • EBANX merchants can integrate Botón Bancolombia into their checkout process, offering a simplified payment option for customers with Bancolombia accounts.
  • Recurring payment features are set to be available in Q2 of 2024, further enhancing the payment experience for digital commerce customers with subscription services.

Sebastián Fantini, product director at EBANX, highlighted the importance of this integration, pointing out that it will allow EBANX’s global merchants to connect with one of Colombia’s main alternative payment methods, thereby providing a smoother payment experience for Colombian consumers.

The partnership also symbolizes EBANX’s mission of creating access and connecting the growing digital ecosystems of emerging markets to the global digital economy. Luz María Velásquez, VP of retail, SMEs and enterprises businesses in Bancolombia, emphasized that the integration initiative with EBANX not only opens up business avenues for the bank’s customers but also bolsters financial inclusion by providing millions of people with the tools necessary to make purchases and grow within the formal financial system.

This strategic partnership between EBANX and Bancolombia showcases how fintech companies are leveraging collaborations to introduce convenient and secure online payment methods, promoting ease in digital commerce and enhancing overall consumer experiences in emerging economies.