Fintech Lightyear wows South Korean VCs Sunbo Angel and Lighthouse!

Lightyear, a Dutch company that develops solar electric vehicles, has received investment from two South Korean venture capital firms, Sunbo Angel Partners and Lighthouse Combined Investment. The funds have ties to South Korea’s automotive industry and recognised Lightyear’s potential to create efficient solar vehicle technology. Through this investment, Lightyear will gain access to the firms’ ecosystem, including next-generation technologies in solar energy, electric motors, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Lightyear has already built a strong patent portfolio supporting the development of highly efficient solar electric vehicles and in 2019 launched its first driving prototype. The company is now mainly focused on developing and producing solar-integrated technologies for third-party manufacturers. The investment from the Korean venture capital firms will strengthen Lightyear’s commercial pipeline and supply chain, offering further opportunities for technological synergies.