Green Dot boosts REPAY, expanding client bill payment choices.

  • REPAY Holdings Corporation has teamed up with Green Dot Corporation to expand bill payment options for REPAY’s clients across various industries including personal finance, auto finance, credit unions, and mortgage.
  • This partnership aims to use the wide Green Dot Network to allow REPAY’s clients to offer eCash payment solutions in over 45,000 US retail locations.
  • The collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to enhance payment modalities and networks and enable clients to securely accept cash payments, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Green Dot Corporation, a leader in providing access to modern banking and payment tools for consumers and businesses for over two decades, owns the Green Dot Network (GDN). The GDN consists of more than 90,000 retail locations across the US. Major chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS offer cash-in and cash-out services under this network. As traditional banks continue to diminish physical branches, particularly in underbanked communities, the GDN aims to ensure seamless access to cash services for almost all US consumers.

REPAY specializes in providing integrated payment processing solutions that are customized to verticals with specific transaction processing requirements. Their proprietary integrated payment technology makes electronic payments easier for clients, thereby improving the overall experience for consumers and businesses alike.

Jake Moore, EVP, Consumer Payments, REPAY, highlighted the potential benefits of the partnership between the two companies, “Offering our clients the ability to securely and efficiently accept cash payments will enable them to deliver additional bill payment options, driving customer satisfaction.”

Crystal Bryant-Minter, SVP, Money Movement at Green Dot, echoed Moore’s sentiments, sharing that the partnership with REPAY aligns with their mission to provide all people the power to bank seamlessly, affordably, and with confidence, helping businesses expand financial access for their clients and customers.