Citi: An Investment Outlook for 2024

Citi announced plans to invest in fintech companies in the payments, liquidity, trade finance, and security services sectors in 2024. Despite changing macroeconomic conditions, Citi believes that fintechs with a clear vision, strong business fundamentals, and robust engagement with partners will be able to scale successfully. Citi recently invested in Ampla Technologies, Prevu, and Supra in December 2023. These investments are part of Citi’s broader strategy to collaborate with innovative fintech companies to enhance its offerings and provide better banking solutions to its customers. The bank’s focus on investing in fintech reflects the growing importance of technology and digital innovation in the financial industry. It also highlights Citi’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and meeting the evolving needs of its customers. By partnering with fintech companies, Citi can leverage their expertise and technology to deliver more efficient and innovative solutions to its customers. Overall, Citi’s investment outlook for 2024 demonstrates its commitment to embracing fintech and leveraging technology to drive its growth and success in the future.