Day 2 Singapore Fintech Fest: Keynotes, Payments, Highlights & Beyond

Key points from the day:

  • Representatives from over 150 nations were present, along with over 970 speakers at the Singapore Fintech Festival.
  • Prominent spokespeople from several innovative fintech companies shared their insights and experiences at the festival.
  • The event served as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge payment solutions and financial technologies.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2023’s second day attracted various big players in the fintech, finance, and banking sectors. Participants and speakers from more than 150 countries brought diverse perspectives, innovations, and insights on fintech advancements worldwide.

The day featured interviews with several notable figures in finance and technology. Among them were Daniel Canning from Dandelion Payments, Mike Dickinson from Brankas, Anton Soudovtsev and Stephane Marbehant from Azqore SA, Muhammad Shafie from Supreme Fintech, Neha Mehta from FemTech Partners and Ram Kewalramani from CredAble.

These professionals shared their views on a variety of topics, underscoring the pivotal role technology plays in reshaping the financial realm. One of the significant issues discussed was the cutting-edge nature of payment solutions in the region. The festival served as a brilliant platform for companies like theirs to showcase what they bring to the table in terms of tech innovation in the financial sector.

Overall, the festival provided an immersive experience for all stakeholders in the fintech world, offering valuable discussions, exciting games, and refreshing meals. The Singapore Fintech Festival, with its rich amalgamation of insights, innovations, fun, and networking opportunities, clearly emerged as the center of the fintech universe for the week.

Given the overwhelming success of this year’s festival, participants and observers alike are showing keen interest and anticipation for next year’s edition.