Visa Canada, Plug and Play: Perfect Partners


  • Visa Canada has partnered with Plug and Play to boost the Canadian fintech market.
  • The partnership aims to create a platform for fintech innovation and collaboration.

Visa Canada has teamed up with global accelerator and venture capital firm Plug and Play to support the growth of the Canadian fintech market. As a founding sponsor, Visa will help Plug and Play establish a presence in Canada and create a platform for fintech innovation. The Canadian fintech sector is experiencing rapid growth, with an estimated annual growth rate of 25% until 2029. This partnership is expected to accelerate this growth, providing fintech companies access to Visa’s global network and resources.

Visa has been actively advancing the fintech industry with several initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Fintech Fast Track Program, which collaborates with approved fintech startups and provides them with the tools and insights needed to introduce new payment solutions to the market quickly. Visa has also made strategic acquisitions, such as the $1.2 billion acquisition of cloud-based fintech startup Pismo. This acquisition enables Visa to expand its offerings into core banking and card processing solutions, reflecting its commitment to broader financial infrastructure services.

The partnership with Plug and Play is another step in Visa’s commitment to advancing fintech. Chris Ferron, the Head of Digital Partnerships and Fintech at Visa Canada, highlighted the importance of fintechs in driving innovation and enhancing capabilities in the payment industry. He expressed Visa’s excitement to work with Plug and Play to shape the future of payments and push the boundaries of payment technology and user experiences. Visa is embracing fintechs of all sizes and aims to make money movement easy for its clients.

This collaboration between Visa Canada and Plug and Play comes at a crucial time for the Canadian fintech market, as it seeks to capitalize on its rapid growth. With Visa’s support and access to its global network, fintech companies in Canada have the opportunity to scale and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. This partnership highlights Visa’s commitment to fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of payment technology.