VettaFi, TMX Group unite for $848m, boosting global analytics prowess.

  • Canadian multinational TMX Group has agreed to purchase approximately 78% of VettaFi’s common units for US$848 million.
  • The acquisition is part of TMX Group’s global expansion strategy and is expected to strengthen its position in the global data analytics and indexing solutions market.
  • TMX Group’s existing Global Solutions, Insights and Analytics (GSIA) division will also benefit from VettaFi’s innovative client service capabilities.

TMX Group, focused on providing financial services, is set to unite with leading US-based company VettaFi Holdings LLC, which specializes in services such as indexing, digital distribution, analytics, and thought leadership. The deal is part of TMX Group’s global expansion strategy, through which it aims to enhance its position in the global data analytics and indexing solutions sector. The acquisition not only supports the company’s financial and transformational objectives but also increases its revenue from recurring and global sources.

TMX Group, renowned for its robust financial services and efficient capital markets, has already acquired about 22% of VettaFi’s common units as a part of its strategic investment plans. The company operates stock exchanges and other platforms for the Canadian securities market.

VettaFi, on the other hand, has established a strong reputation in the global financial market with its comprehensive suite of indices, ETF services, and digital distribution solutions. It provides a global ETF database, interactive online tools, and research to support asset managers. VettaFi’s indexing and digital distribution solutions play a critical role for asset managers aiming to innovate and scale their businesses.

John McKenzie, CEO of TMX Group, highlighted the strong cultural and strategic fit between their company and VettaFi, and welcomed the vision, innovation, and commitment to client success of VettaFi’s team. VettaFi CEO Leland Clemons echoed these sentiments, while Andrew Feller, Managing Partner of Aretex Capital Partners, lauded the focus on innovation and client service of the leadership team.

“The acquisition of VettaFi will add a dynamic new component to our growing information business, with an exciting set of capabilities and a visionary, innovative team committed to client success,” said TMX Group’s CEO John McKenzie. “The addition of VettaFi increases the depth and value of data-driven insights we provide to clients, expands our digital expertise, and enriches our industry-leading support for ETF issuers,” he added.