Catchy: Scams, safety, and protesters – a dynamic world of letters



  • A Herald report highlights the poor state of New Zealand’s health system, confronting the question of whether hospitals are safe.
  • Recent articles on banking scams draw attention to the contrast between the analogue and digital age in banking, raising questions about the need for a system that provides protection for digital transactions.
  • Concerns are raised about the shortage of doctors and nurses in the health system, with calls for increased funding to support professionals who are responsible for managing current day-to-day health problems and preparing for future shocks.
  • Anti-vax protesters who protested outside Clarke and Jacinda’s wedding venue are criticized for their lack of courtesy.
  • Questions are raised about the government’s plan to invest more in charter schools, with concerns about the shortage of qualified staff in existing schools and the potential compromise of accountability and educational standards in charter schools.
  • The election of a pro-West president in Taiwan prompts questions about the democratic process and how it determines political representation.
  • The lackluster Rugby World Cup final is criticized for its stop-start gameplay and the referee’s rulings, which detracted from the overall entertainment value of the game.
  • Politicians are accused of resorting to misinformation and half-truths when it comes to climate change, which deepens societal divides and limits progress on environmental and economic goals.