Startupboom at Money20/20 Asia with Startupbootcamp Support


– Ten global startups backed by Startupbootcamp will present at Money20/20 Asia, showcasing innovative fintech solutions.

– The event will be held in Bangkok and focus on generative AI, embedded finance, DeFi, and blockchain in sustainable fintech.

In an incredible showcase of innovation and ambition, ten world-leading startups, chosen and nurtured by the Startupbootcamp startup accelerator, will take the stage at Money20/20 Asia. The event, held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok on April 23-25, represents a pivotal moment in sustainable fintech. These startups, coming from all across the globe, are at the forefront of integrating generative AI, embedded finance, DeFi, and blockchain into solutions that not only redefine investment for younger generations but also make cutting-edge technologies like DeFi and blockchain universally accessible. The event will mark the culmination of a three months accelerator with Startupbootcamp, involving intense growth, development, and hard work by these founders.

Money20/20 is renowned as the quintessential gathering for digital money ecosystem leaders to forge connections, exchange insights, and catalyze industry transformation. With Bangkok joining Amsterdam and Las Vegas as its host cities, Money20/20 ASIA attracts over 20,000 professionals from the fintech and financial services sectors annually. The event features a stellar lineup of speakers and participants from the world’s largest banks, payment companies, technology providers, and regulatory bodies, focusing on the critical themes shaping the future of fintech.

Startupbootcamp’s Demo Day at Money20/20 Asia not only offers these startups a platform to share their vision with the world but also represents a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journey. It’s an opportunity to connect with leaders from across the digital money ecosystem, including influential figures from major banks, digital payment companies, and regulatory bodies. This gathering is a focal point for the latest trends and discussions in fintech, with themes like ‘Integration: Breaking Down Barriers, Creating Opportunities’ ‘Virtualization: The Rise of Digital Finance’, and ‘Eastward Expansion: Asia’s Fintech Frontier’, aimed at dissecting and understanding the evolving fintech landscape.