UK Fintech status in spotlight: unique peek with Innovate Finance.

  • The UK’s fintech industry remains at the forefront globally, and the independent industry body Innovate Finance has been a crucial voice for this sector, according to Adam French, Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance. French was speaking at FinTech LIVE London 2023, an annual conference bringing together industry experts to discuss the latest strategies, projects, and innovations in fintech.
  • French attributed the strength of the UK’s fintech industry to its robust financial services sector. He highlighted the availability of skilled talent, capital ready for investment, and historical access to large global markets as the key elements that make the UK an ideal hub for fintechs.

The FinTech LIVE London 2023 conference took place at the QEII Centre in Westminster and served as a platform for major fintech players to share their insights and expertise. The Stage 1 audience listened to leading industry voices, such as Adam French, who discussed the pivotal role of Innovate Finance in amplifying the voice of the UK’s fintech community.

Explaining the function of Innovate Finance, French said that the organization, consisting of a 250-member community, prioritizes the needs of the fintech sector. Innovate Finance is not only the leading voice for fintech in the UK but also internationally, ensuring that the sector receives the necessary support.

When questioned why the UK’s fintech sector has proven so resilient and strong, French pointed to the robustness of the UK’s financial services industry. He noted that the UK, particularly London, possesses the requisite elements for a thriving fintech ecosystem. It boasts a well-positioned status to serve the global finance community, a pool of talent capable of addressing complex challenges, capital ready for deployment into enterprises within the space, and historically, it has had extensive access to large global markets. Such elements make the UK a desirable destination for fintech enterprises.

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