Soft2Bet steals the Fintech Spotlight, reimagining engagement via motivational tech.

Soft2Bet, a leading B2B casino and sportsbook platform provider, made a significant impact at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit in Cyprus on 7-8 December. The company showcased its innovative Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), highlighting the convergence of iGaming and Fintech. Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet’s founder and CEO, engaged in a dialogue with Forbes fintech writer Meaghan Johnson, discussing the potential of MEGA to transform engagement in iGaming and the Fintech and financial services sector.

  • Soft2Bet unveiled its Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit.
  • The application envisages converging iGaming and fintech, seeking to redefine user experiences across industries.
  • Soft2Bet aims to integrate gamification strategies into the fintech realm using MEGA.

The application aims to optimize user screen time by offering an engaging and personalized experience. There was a focus on the parallels between personalized features in iGaming and fintech, promoting a harmonious integration of these engaging elements. Poliavich believes that whether in iGaming or fintech, mobile apps ought to share similar personalization features. Forbes’s Johnson concurred, emphasizing the untapped potential for fintech to incorporate similarly engaging and interactive qualities.

During a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Fintech in the Game Industry,” Gilad Naim, COO of Soft2Bet, highlighted the importance of fintech in gaming interactions. Naim further discussed the significance of streamlined KYC processes and saluted Soft2Bet’s MEGA innovations as an added layer of entertainment for players.

Soft2Bet’s strategic approach involves leveraging MEGA for seamless integration of gamification strategies into the fintech world. The company plans to launch a gamified wallet to capture more user screen time and attention. Soft2Bet’s participation at this summit indicates its dedication to leading transformative experiences in iGaming and fintech, setting new standards for engagement and innovation.

Overall, the presentations and discussions at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit underscored Soft2Bet’s commitment to developing and delivering engaging and innovative solutions across both the iGaming and fintech sectors. This is exciting news for the tech community in Cyprus and worldwide, as Soft2Bet continues to push the envelope in redefining user engagement experiences.