Croatia embraces Eastern expansion of American fintech.

  • The US fintech company Mbanq has opened an office in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek in the Esseker Center, currently employing 12 people.
  • Mbanq provides software for different financial service providers, from traditional banks to modern, mobile-based fintech applications.
  • The opening signifies Osijek’s attractiveness to investors and its potential for creating new job opportunities.
  • In a few months, the City of Osijek will take a significant step in digitizing municipal administration which will create a more efficient communication system with citizens and businesses.
  • Mbanq plans to grow its presence in the Belgian, British, Croatian, and Montenegrin markets and hopes to uncover new talents in Croatia.

The American fintech company Mbanq, which offers software services to a wide range of financial institutions, from traditional banks to modern, smartphone-based fintech applications, inaugurated an office in the Esseker Center, Osijek, Croatia. The Deputy Mayor of Osijek, Dragan Vulin, Board Member of Mbanq Croatia, Eduard Rupčić, Mbanq co-founder Javier Valverde, and representatives from other Osijek-based businesses attended the grand-opening ceremony.

Deputy Mayor Vulin hailed the development as an example of Osijek’s growing appeal to investors and a step forward in generating employment opportunities for the youth. He also highlighted some of the proactive actions taken by the city administration to foster economic development, including the abolition of the local community fee for all businesses, which played a pivotal role in the manufacturer Jabil’s decision to build its factory and Centre of Excellence in Osijek.

In the near future, the City of Osijek is planning on embracing the digitization of municipal administration. For this, a city application will be created to provide all services to residents, entrepreneurs, individuals, and legal entities through a single digital platform. The platform will be modular, user-friendly, and accessible on both computers and mobile devices. The intention is to make Osijek a leader in municipal digitization among Croatia’s largest cities.

Eduard Rupčić, a member of the Board of Mbanq Croatia, emphasized the company’s transition from dreaming about global potential back in 2017 to starting their global journey. The teams from Osijek and Podgorica now support banking systems worldwide. To continue this growth, Mbanq plans to expand its team and contribute as much as possible to the City’s treasury.

Mbanq co-founder Javier Valverde expressed his satisfaction with the move to Osijek, praising the city’s beauty and untapped potential. The company also has growth plans for the Belgian, British, Croatian, and Montenegrin markets and is actively seeking fresh talent and new ideas.