Techscaler teams up with FinTech Scotland to boost industry expansion.


  • Techscaler, the Scots government’s tech startup support programme, partners with FinTech Scotland to drive forward Scotland’s fintech sector development.
  • Partnership aims to provide comprehensive support for scaling fintech SMEs through mentorship, educational courses, community events, and more.

Techscaler, the Scottish government’s tech startup support programme awarded to CodeBase, has partnered with FinTech Scotland, the cluster body driving Scotland’s fintech innovation, to accelerate the growth of Scotland’s fintech sector. The partnership aims to provide support for scaling fintech SMEs by offering access to mentorship, educational courses, community events, and more. Fintech SMEs in Scotland now employ over 10,500 people across 226 enterprises, with around 38% of fintechs reaching the scale-up stage.

Through the partnership, FinTech Scotland’s scaling firms will be able to utilize the benefits of Techscaler membership, enhancing collaboration opportunities and supporting growth for fintech innovators. Techscaler runs various programmes such as Startup First Steps, Startup Next Steps, and Reforge, which brings access to Silicon Valley playbooks and best practices to founders in Scotland scaling their teams.

To kick off the partnership, a Founder Roundtable will be hosted by Techscaler and FinTech Scotland to gather insights from fintechs, offering founders a chance to engage with industry leaders and peers. The insights from the roundtable will be used to create activities and support mechanisms tailored to meet the needs of the fintech community.

The partnership between Techscaler and FinTech Scotland aligns with Scotland’s ten-year sector roadmap, targeting the creation of 30,000 jobs and over 330% economic value increase by the end of the decade. The strategic vision focuses on open finance data, climate finance, payments and transactions, and financial regulation in the fintech sector.

Overall, this collaboration between Techscaler and FinTech Scotland aims to showcase the vibrant fintech community in Scotland, support the growth of scaling fintech SMEs, and drive forward innovation and collaboration in the fintech sector.