Techscaler and FinTech Scotland team up to boost sector expansion.


  • Techscaler partners with FinTech Scotland to accelerate sector growth.
  • Strategic partnership aims to drive forward Scotland’s fintech sector development.

Techscaler partners with FinTech Scotland to accelerate sector growth

Techscaler and FinTech Scotland have joined forces in a strategic partnership to boost Scotland’s fintech sector. With more than 10,500 people employed in the sector across 226 enterprises, this collaboration aims to provide comprehensive benefits to FinTech SMEs through mentorship, educational courses, and community events. Techscaler’s three main programs, including a partnership with Reforge, bring Silicon Valley playbooks to Scotland’s founders scaling their teams.

The partnership also aims to connect the tech ecosystem by providing a stronger suite of support and extensive networking opportunities. Scotland’s commitment to fintech innovation is highlighted through a ten-year sector roadmap targeting job creation and economic value increase. Through initiatives like the Financial Regulation Innovation Lab (FRIL), the partnership seeks to advance understanding and adoption of new technologies in fintech.

Overall, the collaboration between Techscaler and FinTech Scotland set out to strengthen Scotland’s fintech ecosystem, bring sector-specific support to founding teams, and gather insights from industry leaders and peers through the upcoming Founder Roundtable event.