SellersFi seals $300M credit deal with Citi and Fasanara Capital

Key Points:

  • SellersFi, a global Fintech startup, closed a new US credit facility with Citi and Fasanara Capital, valued at $135MM, with the potential to scale to $300M as the company expands.
  • The investment will be used to develop SellersFi’s innovative product offerings, expand its portfolio and enhance its technological infrastructure.

SellersFi, an emerging player in the fintech space, has successfully secured a new US credit facility with leading global bank Citi and independent asset management firm Fasanara Capital. The credit facility is valued at $135 million, with the potential reach of up to $300 million, reflecting the potential growth trajectory for SellersFi.

The senior capital for the agreement is provided by Citi, with a portion contributed by Fasanara Capital. The mezzanine capital is also provided by Fasanara. The independent asset management firm is also renewing its support for SellersFi through its commitment as senior lender for other jurisdictions and products. This demonstrates a profound confidence in SellersFi’s growth potential and market strategy.

The newly raised investment will be channelled towards the development and enhancement of SellersFi’s product offerings. It aims to expand its portfolio and further enhance its technological infrastructure to serve a wider scope of e-commerce businesses. This will boost the growth of the company and meet the evolving financing requirements of thousands of online businesses, thus fortifying its position in the fintech sector.

Ricardo Pero, the co-founder and CEO of SellersFi, remarked that securing the credit facility with Citi and Fasanara Capital signifies an important point of growth for SellersFi, highlighting their capabilities to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses.

On the other hand, Francesco Filia, Fasanara’s CEO, expressed his excitement to continue their partnership with SellersFi and welcomed the new credit facility from Citi.