Meet Finkr: Leading the Future of Fintech Consultancy Services


  • Founded by Ion Fratiloiu, Finkr is a next-generation consultancy for the fintech sector, emphasizing visionary strategy and cutting-edge technology.
  • Finkr offers services such as Fractional CxO and expert consultations, as well as Finkr Ventures for debt and equity raising.

In a rapidly evolving fintech sector, Finkr emerges as a bespoke consultancy firm founded by Ion Fratiloiu, dedicated to reshaping the landscape through visionary strategy and cutting-edge technology. Finkr believes in the foundational role of vision in strategy and offers services like Fractional CxO and expert consultations tailored to bridge the gap in leadership and specialized knowledge. Additionally, Finkr Ventures focuses on assisting companies with debt and equity raising through a data and relationship-driven approach. The diverse team at Finkr, comprised of professionals from banking, capital markets, and tech giants, aims to empower clients with groundbreaking solutions that address complex challenges and ensure sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Finkr invites fintech companies, lenders, digital banks, and tech companies to explore how visionary strategy grounded in research and next-gen technology can unlock unprecedented growth and success in the industry.