Hall-Long shifts focus, leaves campaign finance report issue behind.


  • Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long’s campaign faced issues with campaign finance reports last fall.
  • Amended reports revealed over $300,000 in misreported loans as expenditures, with $200,000 being repaid.

In a recent interview, Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long addressed the campaign finance report issue that her campaign faced last fall. The amended reports showed that there were over $300,000 in misreported loans as expenditures, with around $200,000 of these loans being repaid. While calls were made to release the audit, Hall-Long directed the public to the searchable campaign finance review location in campaign finance reporting.

Despite reports that she lost staff when fundraising was suspended, Hall-Long denied these claims, stating that her official office staff remains the same. She also expressed her commitment to remaining in the race for Governor, emphasizing that the issue has been identified and corrected. However, fundraising reports show her Democratic primary opponent, New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer, with a considerable financial advantage.

Hall-Long believes that the pause in fundraising last fall was a personal decision and not a disadvantage, emphasizing that money has never been the deciding factor for Delaware voters. She highlighted that her campaign has continued to raise funds, including $171,000 in the last month. Unlike some opponents who have loaned themselves over half a million dollars, Hall-Long remains confident in her campaign’s ability to connect with voters.