Check out UniCredit’s FinTech keynote featuring trailblazing women in video.

The annual conference, FinTech LIVE London 2023, featured an insightful keynote from Joanna Pamphilis, Global Head, Corporate Business Platform at UniCredit, on the topic of ‘Women in Fintech’. Here are the key points that Joanna discussed:

  • She emphasized that the whole of women in fintech was greater than the sum of the individual parts, with every woman in this sector holding collective responsibility.
  • Pamphilis cited credible resources, fact-based evidence and research showcasing that companies with higher gender diversity deliver superior returns and outperform less diverse companies.
  • Interestingly, companies which had a significant ratio of women in technology-related positions observed a 66% increase in their return on investment (ROI). Pamphilis also mentioned that the estimated purchasing power of women in tech amounts to a whopping US$5 trillion.
  • Pamphilis argued that female representation in tech roles catalyses economic growth and prosperity, and not leveraging this can be considered a risky move for businesses.
  • Companies with higher gender diversity were found to have 34% of their revenues deriving from innovative products and services. Women, with their deep understanding of customer needs, are instrumental in driving innovation and customer-focused product creation across varied industries, including banking and healthcare.

You may watch her entire keynote speech and gain insights into her perspectives, exclusively available on FinTech LIVE London’s video link. Do stay tuned for more content which will shortly be uploaded on the site

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