YouTube: Raking in Millions with Ads; Climate Misinfo Spreads Unchecked.


– YouTube is making millions of dollars from ads on climate denial content.
– Climate deniers are spreading misinformation about global warming and climate science, while YouTube profits from their content.

Climate deniers are exploiting YouTube’s policies on misinformation to spread false information about global warming and climate science, according to a report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The report analyzed over 12,000 videos on YouTube posted over the past six years and found that these videos not only undermined scientific consensus on the climate crisis but also attacked climate solutions and the environmental movement. The CCDH estimates that YouTube is earning up to $13.4 million per year from ads on climate denial content.

The report found that climate deniers are aware of YouTube’s ad revenue policies and try to avoid violating them. Instead of outright denying global warming, they focus on promoting misinformation narratives that portray global warming as harmless and climate science as unreliable.

YouTube does have policies against climate change denial, but they are not effectively enforced. A YouTube spokesperson stated that “when content crosses the line to climate change denial, we stop showing ads on those videos.” However, it seems that many climate denial videos still generate ad revenue, as the CCDH found that 70% of the climate denial content on YouTube over the past year focused on harmful misinformation narratives, and their ad revenue remained intact.

These findings highlight the need for platforms like YouTube to take more aggressive action against climate denial content and misinformation. Climate change is a pressing global issue, and the spread of false information can undermine efforts to address it. Additionally, the financial incentive for platforms to allow climate denial content raises questions about their priorities and responsibilities.

In conclusion, YouTube is profiting from ads on climate denial content while allowing the spread of harmful misinformation about global warming and climate science. The platform needs to do a better job of enforcing its policies and taking responsibility for the content it hosts. Addressing climate change requires accurate information and a commitment to truth, not financial gain.