UK Fintech’s Pulse: Explore Innovation Finance in our Exclusive Video

  • Innovate Finance serves as the leading voice for fintech in the UK, representing a 250-member community of fintech firms and advocating their needs in front of influential institutions both in the UK and overseas.
  • Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance, Adam French, attributes the success of the UK’s fintech industry to the country’s strong financial services sector, the available talent, access to capital, and historically far-reaching global market.

Adam French, the Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance, provided insights into the state of the UK fintech sector at the FinTech LIVE London 2023 conference. French described Innovate Finance as the industry body that represents the foremost voice for fintech in the UK, boasting a community of 250 members and actively working to ensure that fintech firms get the necessary support.

When asked about the strong growth of the fintech industry in the UK in recent years, French accredited this success to the robust financial services sector that the country possesses. He highlighted that London and the UK at large are well-positioned to cater to the global finance community, presenting all the required elements to cultivate a thriving fintech community.

Key elements contributing to the sector’s success, according to French, include the availability of talent capable of addressing major challenges, access to capital ready to be invested in businesses aiming to build in this space, and historical access to a substantial global market. These essential factors make the UK an attractive destination for the fintech industry.

FinTech LIVE London 2023 is an annual event providing a platform for leading figures in the fintech industry to showcase their latest projects, strategies, and innovations, offering attendees valuable insights and expertise.

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