SAP and PayPal team up for smoother Braintree digital payments.

SAP SE has expanded its relationship with PayPal to streamline digital transactions via a new plug-in for PayPal’s Braintree platform. The plug-in has been created on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which converges data and analytics, AI, app development, automation, and integration in one environment.

  • With the increasing use of digital wallets, Automated Clearing Houses (ACH), and credit cards in corporate transactions, the new tool helps simplify these processes.
  • This expansion provides SAP customers with more payment alternatives, as the Braintree platform supports PayPal, Venmo, credit and debit cards, and popular digital wallets all under one integration.
  • SAP BTP’s ability to provide a streamlined integration between PayPal’s payment processing solutions and SAP’s software environments is accredited by the SAP Integration and Certification Center.

As businesses face more complex compliance requirements for sending and receiving payments, SAP and PayPal’s collaboration marks a significant step towards making digital transactions more manageable for companies. The PayPal Braintree Digital Payments connector can cut down on payment-related complications since it offers a wide range of payment methods, thereby reducing both costs and complexity.

Customers that have purchased the SAP digital payments add-on can now connect it to PayPal via the new plug-in, which is available on the SAP Help Portal site. These customers can look forward to improved efficiency, cost savings, security, and transparency, resulting from the plug-in’s seamless integration with certified SAP software environments.

Looking ahead, PayPal’s VP of Channel Partnerships, David Bruce, hopes that the PayPal Braintree digital payments app is the first of many adapters built on SAP BTP. With the ongoing disruption in the payments space, the plug-in stands as a testament to how technology companies can utilize platforms like SAP BTP to create standard adaptors that ensure a consistent customer experience, while also reducing complexity.