ReCo and 100GROUP snag EZ SecurePay, boosting government FinTech footprint.

ReCo, a subsidiary of the 100GROUP, announced that it has acquired EZ SecurePay online payments platform, expanding its reach within the FinTech sector and catering to the government sector. The acquisition was made from F&E Payment Pros and took place in January 2023.

  • ReCo has integrated the platform into their existing ReCo Anywhere infrastructure. It has dedicated efforts to refine and reshape EZ SecurePay, focusing on user experience, transaction processes, and top-tier security measures.
  • The incorporation of EZ SecurePay into ReCo’s suite of offerings has allowed the company to broaden its reach and enhance financial efficiency for municipalities. The platform can facilitate various municipal transactions such as utilities, taxes, licenses, and more.
  • ReCo, a 100GROUP company, has been providing tech solutions to municipalities across the United States for over two decades. Its revenue collection software has been instrumental in improving services and reducing costs within the industry.

CEO of ReCo and 100GROUP, Jeff Brodsly, stated the acquisition of EZ SecurePay is more than a business move; it’s a commitment to enhancing financial efficiency for municipal bodies, and it will allow ReCo to optimize payment processes and improve service delivery.

About 100GROUP, it is a parent company of a unique portfolio of business management software solutions, gateways, and payment processing, and has established itself as a significant platform in the financial technology industry. It caters exclusively to business owners and provides a comprehensive suite of essential products and services.