Mox Bank: Redefining Savings with Instant Asia Miles on Time Deposit.

Mox Bank Limited (“Mox”) has become the first and only bank in Hong Kong to offer customers instant Asia Miles when they place a Time Deposit. This unique feature allows customers to use their Asia Miles immediately to redeem flights and other lifestyle rewards. Mox aims to enhance the banking experience by integrating lifestyle rewards and benefits into financial products. With the new instant Asia Miles rewards, customers can earn 375,000 Asia Miles instantly for every HKD500,000 placed in a 24-month Time Deposit, which is enough to redeem five business class round-trip tickets to Tokyo or two business class round-trip tickets to London. Customers can also earn instant Asia Miles by placing up to five Time Deposits. This initiative provides flexibility, as customers can earn the exact amount of Asia Miles they need for their next trip, and also offers higher rewards compared to traditional Time Deposits. This new feature follows Mox’s recent launch of the Upfront Interest Time Deposit Promotion, which provides customers with instant interest in cash upon setting up a Time Deposit. Mox is committed to transforming the Time Deposit experience and delivering unmatched value to its customers.