Meghna Bank PLC: IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Champions of 2023.

  • Meghna Bank PLC has won the IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023 in the category of ‘Most Innovative Digital Wallets Deployment’.
  • The award recognises the bank’s commitment to providing innovative and convenient financial solutions for its customers through its “MeghnaPay” program.
  • Meghna Bank CEO, Sohail RK Hussain, said the international award endorses their strong commitment to the digital transformation of banking services.

Meghna Bank PLC, a leading financial institution in Bangladesh, has been recognised by the IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023 for its innovative digital wallet deployment. The bank’s Best Program Vision of “MeghnaPay”, which was implemented in partnership with software company Modefin, earned it the accolade in the ‘Most Innovative Digital Wallets Deployment’ category.

The IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and honour banks, financial institutions and technology players that exhibit excellence in implementing banking technology and innovations using emerging technologies. The awards are a measure of the impact these institutions are making in the banking sector through their technological advancements.

Meghna Bank’s winning of this international award not only highlights the bank’s innovative approach to digital payments but also underscores its commitment to providing convenient and modern financial solutions to its customers. Through the MeghnaPay program, the bank has been able to offer digital wallet services that promote ease of transaction and financial inclusivity.

In a statement, Sohail RK Hussain, the Managing Director and CEO of Meghna Bank, expressed pride in the dedication and passion of the Digital Financial Services team, which led to the bank receiving the prestigious award. He views the award as an endorsement of the bank’s strong commitment to the digital transformation of its banking services for its esteemed customers.

Hussain also revealed that the bank has many more initiatives lined up moving forward, reflecting excitement about their prospects in this area. These developments, without a doubt, further position Meghna Bank PLC as a leader in the continuing digital revolution of the banking industry.