Innovate Finance takes Video Peek into UK’s Fintech Pulse

  • The annual conference, FinTech LIVE London 2023, covered latest strategies, projects, and innovations in the fintech industry. Among the speakers was Adam French, Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance, an independent industry body for UK fintech.
  • According to Adam French, the UK is at the forefront of fintech thanks to a strong financial services industry, committed talent, access to capital, and historically having access to a significant global market.

On day two of FinTech LIVE London 2023, held at the QEII Centre in the heart of Westminster, Adam French, Non-Executive Director at industry body Innovate Finance, addressed the Stage 1 audience. The event offered an opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their latest strategies, projects, and innovations in the fintech industry, providing attendees with valuable insight and expertise.

French introduced Innovate Finance as an organisation he first met in 2015 and mentioned that it had since become the leading voice for fintech in the UK. Today, Innovate Finance boasts a 250-member community and serves as the voice for fintech in front of critical institutions both in the UK and abroad.

When asked about the reasons behind the strength of the UK’s fintech industry in recent years, French attributed this success to several factors: a robust financial services industry; London and the UK being well-positioned to serve the global finance community; a talent pool that knows how to solve significant problems; access to capital willing to be deployed into businesses operating in the fintech space; and historically having access to a large global market. All these elements make up a thriving environment conducive to the growth of the fintech industry, positioning London and the UK as a home to this sector.

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