Evita + Layer2 Financial = Revolutionizing B2B Cross-Border Payments!

Evita has formed a partnership with Layer2 Financial to transform B2B cross-border payments. Layer2 Financial is a payments infrastructure technology provider, while Evita specializes in large transactions. Through this collaboration, the two companies aim to streamline and optimize cross-border payments by leveraging their respective strengths. Evita focuses on facilitating transactions related to high-value items such as luxury cars and Italian furniture, offering an alternative to traditional financial institutions. The company utilizes its own liquidity and direct local payment rails to ensure faster and more cost-effective payments. Evita will use Layer2 to open For Benefit Of (FBO) accounts for its clients, enhancing its ability to operate seamlessly with US Dollars and simplifying wire instructions. The partnership is aimed at rebuilding trust in digital and fiat currencies as they reshape the landscape of large, cross-border transactions.