Crypto Investments Soar with Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval, Says Goldman Sachs Expert.

Goldman Sachs’ Head of Digital Assets, Mathew McDermott, predicts that marketplaces for digital assets will boom in 2024. He believes that traditional financial institutions are embracing digital assets for their increased efficiency, and that the digital asset market is maturing, with the emergence of specialized marketplaces driven by on-chain liquidity. McDermott also highlights the potential for improved collateral mobility and advancements in technology to address inefficiencies in legacy systems. He predicts that marketplaces will be a significant development in the coming year, driven by the establishment of secondary on-chain liquidity. McDermott expects increased buy-side adoption in 2023, followed by a renewed focus on traditional asset classes in 2024. Overall, he sees a growing interest in digital assets among traditional financial players and a shift in the industry’s dynamics.