Breaking: The Bank of 20XX featured in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

At a time when the banking industry is undergoing significant digital disruption, SunTec Business Solutions is helping banks navigate the changing landscape and make profitable strategic choices. The company offers relationship-based pricing and billing solutions that help banks meet the evolving needs of their customers while achieving financial success. SunTec’s value-centered customization approach allows banks to create personalized offerings and build strong customer relationships. By offering a comprehensive range of products and services beyond traditional banking, banks can increase customer loyalty and wallet share. SunTec’s technology enables banks to create a supermarket for all of their customers’ needs, not just financial, and become true “lifestyle partners.”

To achieve this, SunTec emphasizes the importance of being customer-centric and adopting cutting-edge technologies. The company helps its clients overcome the constraints of legacy systems and develop data-driven cultures. SunTec believes that banks must adopt a partnership-based approach and work closely with fintech companies and banking-as-a-service providers to provide end-customers with the solutions they want and need. This collaboration creates a complementary ecosystem that benefits all players in the value chain.

The article highlights some examples of banks that have successfully embraced this customer-centric approach. HSBC, for instance, has developed a banking-as-a-service revenue stream by collaborating with Oracle NetSuite to offer international payments and expense management services. Bank of America, on the other hand, focuses on staying grounded in its clients’ needs and experimenting with new solutions, such as its use of Interac in Canada and its partnership with Venmo in the US.

In conclusion, SunTec’s approach to relationship-based pricing and billing offers banks a way to thrive