AI adoption soars, Splunk says, but trust still hurdles ahead.

New research from cybersecurity and observability leader, Splunk Inc., reveals that while AI adoption is on the rise among public and private sector organizations alike, trust issues continue to pose challenges to its full roll out. This appears true even though every respondent reportedly has plans to implement AI, whether in testing or in active use.

  • Among primary concerns for organizations are establishing confidence in AI-powered systems and processes, ensuring data privacy and security, handling system reliability issues and maintaining data quality.
  • The primary concerns for decision-makers in both the public and private sectors are trust and reliability in AI-based systems, particularly in relation to cybersecurity tools that utilize AI.
  • Approximately 80% of respondents reported using AI to address cybersecurity priorities such as AI-facilitated monitoring, risk assessment and threat data analysis.
  • Nearly half of all survey respondents agreed that a broad set of ethical principles should inform AI regulation, as opposed to those set by individual nation-states.

The similarity in AI adoption rates among federal agencies (at 79%) and the broader public sector (at 83%) has led to similar AI goals and challenges between the two. AI priorities for the public sector in 2024 include continuous monitoring to protect AI-fueled systems from cybersecurity attacks, using threat intelligence solutions, and developing an incident response plan.

The survey also revealed a consensus among public and private sector respondents that AI technology’s role in improving citizen and customer experiences, enhancing goods or services, and driving innovation are the main motives behind their AI strategies.

Despite the clear appetite for exploiting AI’s potential, reservations remain. “The push and pull between eagerness to innovate and hesitancy to venture blindly into the unknown will continue to hinder AI innovation until we have a clear body of general principles and rules for AI technology use and adoption,” warned Bill Rowan, VP of Splunk Public Sector.