7RCC’s Bitcoin ETF: Innovation + Carbon Credits = Game Changer!

7RCC, a crypto asset management firm, has launched an innovative Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that incorporates a carbon credit component. The firm aims to attract environmentally conscious investors by offering a carbon-neutral investment vehicle in the crypto market. The proposed ETF, called BTCK, consists of 80% spot Bitcoin and 20% carbon credit futures.

The CEO of 7RCC Global, Rali Perduhova, emphasized the negative environmental impact of Bitcoin mining and called for increased institutional interest in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing. The company has partnered with Gemini as a custodian and is utilizing Tidal as its financial platform.

Reactions within the crypto community have been mixed, with some applauding 7RCC’s efforts to merge crypto investments with sustainable practices, while others remain skeptical of the practicality and regulatory reception of such a hybrid investment vehicle.

The fate of the ESG-focused Bitcoin ETF will depend on regulatory approvals and broader market acceptance.