Wellness Works Wonders with Kashable, nudge, Instant Financial, Citi Ventures!

In this article, key fintech leaders discuss the growing trend of employers focusing on financial wellness and development programs for their employees. They highlight the need for enhanced benefits, such as financial education, coaching, and low-cost loan programs, to support employees during times of inflation and increased living costs. They also discuss the importance of educating employers about earned wage access (EWA) and its benefits, as well as the rise of workplace financial wellness tools to address consumer financial stress. The article emphasizes the need for tech companies to become smarter about the financial rewards they provide to employees and the value of personalized, flexible benefits packages to attract and retain talent. The leaders also discuss the importance of investing in employee skill development and career growth opportunities to create a loyal and talented workforce. They predict that in 2024, employers will continue to prioritize financial wellness and development programs to meet the evolving needs and expectations of employees.