Trine’s new crowdfunding license ups the ante.

The investment platform Trine has received a new crowdfunding licence, following the introduction of new EU regulations for crowdfunding service providers. The rules require all European crowdfunding services to undergo a licensing process and submit to their local Financial Supervisory Authority’s supervision.

  • Trine, which enables businesses and individuals to invest in solar energy companies within emerging markets, is now authorised as a Crowdfunding Service Provider by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • The new EU regulation is designed to increase investor protection and contribute to a more transparent investment market. It also allows crowdfunding platforms to more efficiently offer their services across the EU.
  • Investments made through Trine have provided three million individuals with access to renewable energy, and have avoided one million tons of CO2 emissions.

Trine’s compliance and finance head, Tristan Morgan, stated that the new regulation was a ‘significant step forward’ for the industry, strengthening investor protection and contributing to a more transparent investment market. He added that the licence would enable Trine to further support solar energy companies in emerging markets in their efforts to raise capital and expand their operations where renewable energy is most required.

Investors who use the platform can expect to receive between 4% and 8.5% in interest. This highlights Trine’s dual mandate: to generate profits for investors and to drive the growth of sustainable energy in emerging markets.