Scienaptic AI and DigiFi team up for next-gen credit scoring.

Scienaptic AI has announced a partnership with DigiFi to provide advanced credit scoring capabilities to financial institutions. With this integration, DigiFi clients will be able to access Scienaptic’s AI-powered signals for lending, enabling them to automate their lending process, approve more loans, and increase credit availability for their members.

  • DigiFi provides a loan origination system to banks, credit unions, finance companies, and fintechs.
  • Scienaptic AI’s signals help boost approval rates while maintaining loss rates, resulting in a substantial increase in approval rates for clients.

The partnership aims to increase the adoption of AI for lending and give more members access to fair credit. It also enhances borrowers’ experiences by providing faster and smarter loan decisions. The integration removes the integration hurdles that prevent lenders from implementing AI, allowing more financial institutions to leverage the technology.