NexPay and Flagright unite, revolutionizing global student payments.

NexPay, a FinTech company, has partnered with Flagright to transform international student payments, with the aim of making overseas education more attainable and straightforward. NexPay recognised the need for a holistic solution to prevent financial crime and monitor transactions in real-time. Flagright’s real-time solutions will enhance security and compliance measures for NexPay, streamline the payment process, and ensure a seamless and secure payment journey for international students. NexPay allows students to pay in their local currency, bypass credit card surcharges, and track and reconcile their payments. The partnership has also helped NexPay address challenges such as slow payment processing, compliance with international financial regulations and sanctions, and refine its rule configurations for risk management.

The collaboration between NexPay and Flagright has delivered significant benefits, including faster payment processing, enhanced compliance through up-to-date sanctions screening, and a transparent and secure platform for global student payments. The partnership has revolutionised the payment landscape and highlighted the ingenuity of Flagright’s solutions.