Nexo: Winner of Consumer Payments Innovation Award

Nexo Wins Consumer Payments Innovation Award


  • Nexo Card saw a big jump in users and transactions, crossing $50 million.
  • Nexo won the “Consumer Payments Innovation Award” at the FinTech Breakthrough Awards.

Nexo, a leading institution for digital assets, recently released the Nexo Card Holiday Spending Report 2023/2024, showcasing its success in the last quarter of 2023. The Nexo Card, a collaboration with Mastercard, offers Dual Mode credit and debit capabilities, saving crypto assets from being sold on the market.

The card experienced a 43% increase in transactions, surpassing $50 million, with a 4.5 times growth in users compared to the previous quarter. The award-winning Nexo Card provides convenience and accessibility for crypto holders, allowing them to spend and borrow against over 60 currencies.

The Holiday Spending Report reveals insights into spending trends, popular digital assets used as collateral, and cardholder behavior. Winning the “Consumer Payments Innovation Award” at the FinTech Breakthrough Awards solidified Nexo Card’s position as a leader in making cryptocurrency use easier for everyday purchases.

Nexo’s Chief Product Officer, Elitsa Taskova, highlighted the significance of the award and the shift towards digital currencies in everyday spending. The Dual Mode Nexo Card was praised for its innovative approach to transforming crypto transactions for daily payments. Steve Johansson, Managing Director of FinTech Breakthrough, commended Nexo for addressing challenges faced by crypto holders with its user-friendly product.

The Nexo Card’s success story exemplifies the growing adoption of crypto transactions and the rising interest in digital currencies for everyday expenses. With innovative features and a focus on usability, Nexo continues to push boundaries in the fintech industry.