Mexico’s RUUT and Alpaca: Empowering Fintech for Rookie Investors.

Mexican financial technology (fintech) companies RUUT and Alpaca are partnering to provide accessible and user-friendly wealth generation tools for new investors in Mexico. The partnership aims to address Mexico’s low investment account penetration rate of around 4% and the centralisation of the majority of accounts on one platform. RUUT’s platform offers customisable portfolios for retirement planning and other financial goals, and has enjoyed significant growth since its launch in 2021. The company’s choice to partner with Alpaca is due to its reputation as a start-up-friendly and accessible broker. The partnership has also allowed RUUT to provide US investment accounts for Mexican clients and streamline the process of building and rebalancing investment portfolios. RUUT has witnessed steady growth since integrating with Alpaca, and continues to prioritise accessibility, innovation, and scalability to redefine wealth generation for Mexican retail investors.