Level up your money mindset with these 4 game-changing tips.

The article provides four tips for reframing your money mindset:

  1. Pinpoint your motivations
  2. Make spending a little less easy
  3. Carve out time to confront finances
  4. Let yourself have some enjoyment

The first step to improving your money mindset is to identify the healthy beliefs you want to keep and the unhealthy ones that no longer serve you. This can be done by unpacking the reasoning behind each decision you make around money and considering how that decision aligns with your values.

One tactic to make spending less easy is to make yourself more aware of when money is leaving your wallet. This can be done by clearing saved credit card information from websites and apps, forcing yourself to reenter all your information each time you make a purchase. Getting a physical receipt when shopping in person can also make it easier to register how much you are spending in the moment.

It is important to carve out dedicated time to confront your finances. By scheduling a day dedicated to your financial health, you can tackle tasks such as canceling unused subscriptions or closing accounts that have been costing you fees. It’s important to find ways to make this day more manageable and enjoyable, such as treating yourself to a coffee or finding ways to ease the tension.

Finally, it’s important to let yourself have some enjoyment when it comes to reframing your money mindset. Responsible enjoyment of the money you’ve earned can help alleviate feelings of guilt, fear, and anxiety. Cultivating gratitude for what you have can also drive contentment in your life and reduce the compulsion to overspend.