Innovate Finance reveals UK fintech scene’s exclusive sneak peak.

Key Points:

  • Day two of FinTech LIVE London 2023, held at the QEII Centre in Westminster, featured a discussion with Adam French from Innovate Finance.
  • Innovate Finance represents a 250-member community and has been the leading voice for UK fintech, ensuring the industry’s priorities are put forward to major institutions in the UK and abroad.
  • Adam French credited the UK’s positioning in the global finance community, its talented workforce, access to capital, and ability to access global markets as reasons for the success of the UK fintech.

The primary draw of day two of FinTech LIVE London 2023 was a comprehensive talk by Adam French, a Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance, an industry body for UK fintech. According to French, Innovate Finance, which consisted of a 250-member community, has been the primary voice for the fintech industry in the UK and has ensured that the priorities of the fintech industry are heard by significant institutions on both a local and international level.

When asked about the reasons for the consistent strength shown by the UK’s fintech industry in recent years, French attributed it to the UK’s established financial services industry, stating that London and the UK are exceptionally positioned to serve the global finance community. He added that the UK has talent that understands how to solve significant problems in the sector, access to capital ready to invest in businesses in the space, and has historically had access to a vast global market. These attributes, according to French, make the UK a perfect home for the emerging fintech industry.

For those who were unable to attend the FinTech LIVE London 2023 conference, the session was recorded and can be viewed online. Additionally, FinTech Magazine and its sister site, InsurTech Digital, will continue to provide insights and updates on the latest trends in the fintech industry. FinTech Magazine has become an established and trusted voice in the fintech field, engaging with a highly targeted audience of 113,000 global executives and providing key industry players with a platform to showcase their brands.

The positive growth of UK’s fintech sector underscores the importance of strategic hubs like London in nurturing innovation and connecting talent with investors. As noted by French, the special combination of experienced talent, willing investment, and access to global markets makes the UK an ideal home for fintech.